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Discover iPS Select's Proficiency in Recruitment and White-Collar Positions

15 November 2023


3 min

Meet Filipe, a passionate Portuguese/German individual thriving as a Recruitment Consultant at iPS Select in Rotterdam. With a commitment to aiding others, Filipe excels in forging ideal connections between clients and candidates, specializing in white-collar roles within the maritime and energy sectors. Beyond work, he finds joy in sports and treasured moments with loved ones, infusing each day with adventure.





Who are you and what do you do at iPS Select?

I’m Filipe, originally from Porto, Portugal, with a blend of Portuguese and German heritage. I relocated to the Netherlands for my studies and have found it hard to leave ever since. Having spent around 2-3 years in Rotterdam, it’s beginning to feel like home.

Outside of work, I relish sports and quality time with loved ones. A good movie or meal easily brightens my day. I’m currently rekindling my running routine after the winter hiatus.

As someone who derives fulfillment from helping others, achieving success where both client and candidate are satisfied is immensely rewarding.


What is iPS Select about?

As a (Jr.) Recruitment Consultant at iPS Select, my role revolves around bridging the gap between candidates and clients. We meticulously assess client requirements and strive to identify candidates who best fit the specific project or role.

At Select, our focus primarily lies on white-collar positions, often necessitating candidates with higher education backgrounds. While we predominantly handle onshore roles, we also venture into offshore positions such as QHSE or Superintendents. Our scope spans temporary assignments to long-term placements, aiming to embed iPS ambassadors within our client organizations.


What do you like about your job?

The most gratifying aspect of my job is the sense of achievement that accompanies a successful match between candidate and client. Witnessing clients progress with their projects and candidates embarking on a new chapter of their lives, which I helped initiate, is truly fulfilling.

Moreover, I find the maritime/offshore industry fascinating. Involvement in impactful projects instills a sense of contribution to significant endeavors, even as an outsider.


What tips do you have for candidates?

While certain aspects like visa requirements and certifications are beyond our control, we can navigate challenges like slightly less experience. I advise candidates to pursue roles they’re passionate about and conduct thorough research on projects they aspire to join. Envision yourself in the role and strategize the steps needed to reach there.


Why would you choose iPS Select?

We maintain close relationships with major industry players as well as smaller companies seeking assistance in niche markets. Open to exploring possibilities, we can discuss viable options and provide insights into client preferences and future prospects. By staying connected with us, you remain on our radar for future opportunities.


How to get in touch?

Reach out via email, sharing your CV for a preliminary review and outlining your career aspirations. Following this, we can schedule a brief call or correspond via email. A brief introduction can significantly impact your career trajectory, and we’re committed to keeping you in mind for future opportunities.



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