Interview Andre Silva

1. How long have you been working in the Netherlands?

Now, time flies when you are having fun. I moved to the Netherlands in 2008, that feels like a lifetime! Since then this has become home, where friends and work are, and part of the family!

2. What do you do for iPS? Explain your job.

Since the initial set up of iPS Select, have been heavily involved in making this a reality.


I joined iPS in 2014, when the Offshore department was set up. We moved a long way since then to having full dedicated teams to meet the clients needs, so setting up iPS Select was the final piece of the Puzzle.  My role as Manager is a 360 adventure.


My day goes from planning the day of the team, checking on performance and on the feedback, providing the team solutions and ideas to some of the roles being worked on. I am also involved with several clients to create Taylor made solutions to their needs, from recruitment to payroll of Office and Engineering personnel.


Its a small rollercoaster how our day goes, so we follow our recruitment process to make sure that the we make sure we do not only deliver the best candidates, but we deliver the best roles to our candidates. It really is a 2 way street! Consultancy to clients, and to candidates!

3. What are the biggest differences between the Netherlands and Portugal? What surprised you the most?

Having lived outside Portugal for over 24 years, we learn to spot the differences. Some of the most noticeable ones are the people. Not in a bad way, but you feel the warm of people as soon as you arrive in Portugal. From greeting everyone with hugs and kisses rather than a far way handshake.


Food is another big one, lets skip bread with old cheese hahah, and lets have a big meal with warm food at lunch and dinner! The working life balance is also huge. Working 40 or less hours per week is very normal in the Netherlands, whereas in Portugal everything takes a bit longer, so lets finish work at 7pm, and have dinner at 9pm!!  Just a small difference here! :)

4. What do you miss the most about Portugal?

Most people that move away miss the same things – Family, friends, food. Above all the 3 above are the most important and biggest things that I miss.

5. Was it hard to integrate?

No. I think that is the easiest answer. Of course you will always have situations that you find strange, for example, going to a doctor with a broken foot and they only prescribe paracetamol! Hahah – I think this is the topic that every expat will relate to.


Being such an international nation, everyone speaks English, so you end up forgetting to learn something else.


And having contact with so many expats around, makes integration a lot easier.

Crossing borders

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