Interview Ian Bowers

Profession: TBM Fitter

Has been working at iPS since: 2012
Education: Mechanics
Experience: 5 years
Tools: An 8’ shifter to a stick welder and everything in between

Best thing about the job

‘Because of my work I travel around the world, meet new people and cultures, and work on exciting, innovative projects. It’s a fantastic lifestyle/way of life for me, and also for my family.’


Alan Bowers (TBM Fitter) was raised with a passion for mechanics. As a child, he learned the profession from his father. After finishing school, Alan joined the Royal Air Force. There he worked with hydraulic equipment. Alan: ‘I knew at a young age that I wanted to travel around the world. The army offered me that opportunity. I was able to combine it with my passion for mechanics. I learned a lot in that job.’


Alan has worked for iPS previously, but didn’t know the world of Tunnelling at that time. After a period of self-employment, he was approached by his old contact person at iPS who asked him if he was interested in the Tunnelling industry. Alan: ‘I lived in London at that
time and I wanted to travel around the world again. The iPS opportunity arose at exactly the right moment and the salary they offered was very good. I had already experienced iPS as a reliable, honest and pleasant company. So I took the opportunity straight away.’


At the time of the interview, Alan is working in Egypt (Port Said) as a Supervisor TMB Fitter. However, he works on projects all over the world. ‘Sometimes it is a challenge to transfer knowledge well due to the language barrier, but with a little patience, it is possible to get the results you want. Fortunately, it is also a matter of logical thinking.

Even with the increasing dominance of PLCs and computers, the basics remain intact. When solving any problem, you must be flexible in your thinking, but don’t overthink. Always start from the basics, then you will find the solution the quickest. Repairing things as quickly as possible is what I like the most about my job!’

Alan travels all over the world, and finds the world of Tunnelling fascinating, ‘Underground is really a world on its own. We are busy creating something new while encountering all kinds of fossils during the process. That’s an extraordinary contrast.’

Our candidates

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Ali Kerim Gunay

Soil improvement Project Coordinator

Candidate Tunnelling Ian Bowers TBM Fitter

Ian Bowers

TBM Fitter

Carmen Tang Offshore Surveyor candidate

Carmen Tang

Offshore Surveyor