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Mysolution helps iPS Powerful People to unburden clients worldwide in complex maritime, offshore and construction projects

15 November 2023


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iPS Mysolution Agreement

The right skills in the right place and right time. This is what iPS Powerful People promises its clients worldwide and is also the critical success factor for projects in the energy sector, the offshore, the maritime and the civil construction market. In these and other technically driven sectors, iPS provides 1,200 employees in more than 50 countries with qualified and challenging work every day. This supplier of personnel services with its head office in Capelle aan den IJssel represents an annual turnover of 70 million euros.


The revenue of iPS Powerful People has more than tripled within ten years. According to Rob Kooijmans and Patrick Mans, director-owners of iPS, the company has been able to facilitate this rapid growth thanks to Mysolution’s software. The collaboration between iPS and Mysolution started in 2009 with the automation of the front, mid and back office.


“We needed this all-in-one solution to streamline the work processes and to be able to manage our organization worldwide in the same way. The rapid automation and digitization, as well as the impact of social media on recruitment and selection, brings new challenges. To turn these into opportunities, we will digitize the front and mid office with Mysolution’s Salesforce-based recruitment software (ATS), “says Kooijmans.


Respond even faster to staffing needs
From mid-2022, Mysolution’s ATS at iPS Powerful People must be operational and the software for the back office must also be completely newly implemented. Kooijmans and Mans expect a lot from the further automated integration between front office and back office. But they find the optimization of recruitment, selection, contract management and document management that makes this investment possible just as important.


Mans: “We operate in a dynamic project market in which real-time insights into the availability and qualifications of people make the difference. With the new applications of Mysolution we want to be able to respond even faster and anticipate the rapidly changing personnel needs of our clients, and give our candidates a better experience and offer an even more complete view of challenging work.”


Binding and unburdening via the cloud
iPS Powerful People has a twofold ambition: one is creating a long-term bond with candidates by continuously providing them with challenging and well-paid project work and the other one is unburdening clients with total solutions in the field of personnel.


Timeliness, convenience and efficiency are essential to realize the mission of iPS Powerful People and therefore core values ​​of this company. How do you create a match between client and candidate ‘just in time’ and how do you make it as easy as possible for both parties? And how smoothly does the administrative processing of contracts, certifications and other formal requirements go after that?


Kooijmans explains how Mysolution’s software will help to meet these challenges: “We will be working with the new applications in the cloud. This means that our recruiters, staff members, candidates and employees will always have access to all data, regardless of location and time. Our candidates will soon be able to write their hours via their smartphone and verify or extend the validity of their certificates. Our staff members will always have an up-to-date insight into the supply and demand of personnel, possible matches between vacancies and candidates and an efficient process on their device and the communication with the candidate and client.”


From administration to verify
Kooijmans and Mans see the focus and thus functionality of applications shifting from administration (management) to control (testing). This development is partly related to the increasing qualification and regulatory pressure in the sectors to which iPS Powerful People supplies professionals. “Compliance is becoming increasingly important. Take the rules for flexible work and remuneration that are different in every country. Or all the certificates that our staff must have in order to be allowed to work on a ship or oil rig, for example.


We must be able to check in advance whether a proposed secondment is completely legal. This means that all requirements applicable to secondment must be implemented in our software and that the application must identify deviations from those requirements,” explains Kooijmans.


iPS Powerful People wants to completely unburden its clients in the personnel needs of projects. Compliance with laws and regulations is an inseparable part of the total solution that iPS Powerful People offers its clients. This is also noted by Jan Beekman, partner of Mysolution. “We help iPS Powerful People to be in control. For example, we have developed a traffic light model for the timely renewal of certificates and other documents with a limited validity,” says Beekman.


Collaboration with local partners
iPS Powerful People contracts its employees worldwide. Only ten to fifteen percent of the staff is subject to Dutch legislation. Local partners ensure that the remuneration complies with nationally applicable laws and regulations, such as labor law and tax law.


Mans: “Our back office has to work closely with all those local partners when processing and exchanging data. This cooperation and coordination places demands on the software and systems we work with. That the software is based on Microsoft is a big advantage here.”


An internal project group of iPS Powerful People is preparing the implementation of the new Mysolution software this summer. Mysolution’s consultants will join in from September. Kooijmans and Mans experiencing the collaboration with the IT service provider from Houten as pleasant. “They are listening well, think in terms of solutions and are focused on further development and innovation,” says Kooijmans.



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